We see and hear it all the time from various people either on the internet, on news shows, or in conversation. Some of the most ignorant statements of our time....

"So he tried to meet a girl that he thought was underage, there was no real crime committed, since there was no victim."

"They're policing 'thought crimes' nowadays"

"Child porn is harmless, these guys stay home and look, they're not flashing in parks, it's a privacy issue."

These idiotic statements  are far more frequent than we'd like. In fact, we'd never like to see or hear them. So, here's a testamonial from one such real life victim, for your perusal: 

 The impact statement of child pornography victim Masha Allen:

"My name is Masha Allen. I am 13 years old. When I was five years old, Matthew Mancuso, a millionaire who was a pedophile, adopted me from Russia. I was rescued almost three years ago when the FBI raided his home in a child pornography sting.

When I arrived at Matthew's house, I was only five years old and didn't know much English. I did know that he didn't have a bedroom for me. Or a bed. Instead I slept with him in his bed for almost five years until I was 10 years old. During that time Matthew made me have sex with him every day.

He made me take showers with him ... Sometimes he chained me in the basement and took pictures of me with dildos or dressed in a wedding gown. He would pretend to marry me and then make me have sex with him. There was oral sex, anal sex, dildos and sex toys. He did and made me do terrifying things when I was just 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 years old.

I can't even remember all the abusive things he did to me. Unfortunately, though, I can't forget because there are pictures of the abuse. Hundreds and hundreds of pictures of Matthew doing horrible things to me like the kind I describe above. ... All of this and I was just a child. Since he didn't want me to grow up, he only let me eat a little bit of food – plain pasta, raw vegetables, no meat. Five years after I went to live with him I had only gained a little bit of weight. When the FBI found me I was 10 years old but only wore a size 6X.

The absolute worse thing about everything that happened to me was that Matthew put my pictures on the Internet. He traded them with other people like baseball cards. What kind of people want to see pictures of a little girl being abused in this way?

I have been told that my pictures are the most popular on the Internet. How can so many people delight in the horrible things that happened to me?

I still don't really understand why this happened to me or why so many people want to see these terrible things. I know that these pictures will never end and that my "virtual abuse" will go on forever. Usually when someone is raped and abused, the criminal goes to prison and the abuse ends. But since Matthew put these pictures on the Internet, my abuse is still going on.

Anyone can see them. People ask for them and are still downloading them. Day after day. People want to see me being abused. I want every single person who downloads my picture to go to jail and really be punished as much as possible. They are as evil as Matthew. They want to see me suffer. They want to see me starved and hurt and sad and abused.

Child pornography is not a victimless crime. I am a victim and I still suffer everyday and every time someone sees me being abused. I ask that you think about me and everything I have gone through when you sentence this person to prison. Think about the abuse I have endured and give this person a long, long time to think about the evil he did by taking pleasure in my pain." 

...Still think there are "victimless crimes?"

By the numbers... 

  1. 1 of 5 girls and 1 of 6 boys will be molested before their 18th birthday.
  2. 90% of all sexual assaults against children are committed by someone whom the victim knew.
  3. The typical sexual predator will assault 117 times before being caught.
  4. The re-arrest rate for convicted child molesters is 52%.
  5. 1 of 5 children has been propositioned for sex over the Internet.
  6. 2 of 3 sexual abuses are perpetrated against teenagers or younger children.
  7. 90% of sexual assaults are committed against someone the perpetrator knows.
  8. The median age for male molestation victims under 18 is 9.8 years old.
  9. The median age for female molestation victims under 18 is 9.6 years old.
  10. There are new 400,000 victims of sexual assault every year.
  11. There are over 550,000 registered sex offenders in the US.
  12. There are over 100,000 sex offenders that fail to register in the US.
  13. 76% of serial rapists claim they were molested as children.
  14. Over 40% of male juvenile delinquents were molested as children.

These shocking statistics come from recent studies** on the epidemic of sexual assaults that plagues our society today.  Part of our mission is to provide you with the information you need to protect your loved ones. Our sex offender search allows you to view known registered offenders and predators in your area. Knowing who these people are and what they've done provides you with your best defense to protect your family - awareness.

We invite you to use the search to locate registered sex offenders in your area. Just enter an address and we'll show a map. You can click on the squares that appear and see photos (where available) addresses, convictions and other information about the offender.


Russell, D.E.H. and Bolen, R.M., 2000. The Epidemic of Rape and Child Sexual Abuse in the United States. Newbury Park, California: Sage Publications.

Snyder, H.N., U. S. Department of Justice Statistics, 2000. Sexual Assault of Young Children as Reported to Law Enforcement: Victim, Incident, and Offender Characteristics.

Center for Sex Offender Management, (2001). Recidivism of Sex Offenders, Full Report and Statistics.


Regulators Poster Boys

Here we'll archive the worst of the worst, the Regulators' poster boys. These are chosen from our case files  as examples of why we exist. Not all of our cases will be posted here, or even publicly, as we value the cooperative relationship we have with law enforcement and prosecutors. When selected cases are concluded and with permission from the prosecuting authority, we'll add them here as Poster Boys.

ImageTake a good hard look at this scum pictured here. That's Daniel Jason Thrift, a chronic  and career internet predator who was finally caught after four years of run-ins with angry parents, the local sherriff's office, and a famous "Dateline" online watchdog group's exposure. He skated, squirreled, weaseled and wormed his way out of trouble each time he was caught, until he made the fateful mistake of hitting up "lilbamahotty," a grandmother, a decoy persona and Regulator, who he believed was a 14 year-old girl.

He set up a meeting at a Pensacola beach motel, and drove across state lines to meet "Heather." What he met instead was a team of FBI agents who nailed him as he was on the phone with our decoy asking her to come out. She never was there, and instead Thrift was arrested, handcuffed and read his rights.
Faced with our indisputable evidence, and the fact that he'd brought several items with him to the meet which he'd mentioned in the chats, Thrift confessed totally and later pled guilty to all charges which resulted from this Regulators sting. He was sentenced to life in federal prison, deferred to eight years, and lifetime parole after release. He's also required to register as a sex offender for life, and is forbidden to ever return to our internet. Any violations of his post-release agreement earns him the full life sentence.
We'll be watching for this puke when he gets out in 2014, and we'll follow up on his case constantly. Thrift made the list of Poster Boys because he was a repeat offender who thought he could escape justice once again. Not this time, puke. 

ImageThe vermin pictured at left is Herman May, one of the most disturbing and dangerous predators of children we have ever encountered. He called himself "Herman Monster" online, and a monster is exactly what he is.

Trolling the internet looking for underage victims for sexual assault encounters, May fortunately found one of our adult female staffers who was posing online as a 13 year-old girl. What transpired made even the most jaded and hardened predator fighters both here and in law enforcement, cringe. May at first was a typical groomer, but it didn't take long for him to get extremely sexually graphic with what he thought was a 13 year-old. In the course of the chats, he rapidly worked to set up a meeting.

We had the FBI lined up and ready to arrest this scum. The only problem was, he didn't want to travel. He wanted the girl to come to HIS house. While we were attempting to convince him of a public meeting place, he began showing his webcam and in June 2005, allowed our decoy to watch via webcam as he molested a REAL 10 year-old girl!

We sent this evidence immediately to the FBI handling the case, and they quickly formed an arrest team and went to May's residence. He was still in the act of sexually assaulting the 10 year-old, when they arrived and arrested him.

May was charged in a multiple count federal indictment which included attempted production of child pornography and possession of child pornography. He was denied bail and later pleaded guilty on all counts, and was sentenced to 40 years in federal prison without parole.

May stands as a clear example to those who claim online trolling and grooming is a "victimless crime." May's computer was chock full of child pornography images, including ones he produced of the 10 year-old girl he was caught assaulting.

Because of his age, May will probably die in federal custody. No matter, we will continue to follow up on him and watch him no matter how long it takes. We'll profile a new poster boy here every so often, and archive them on our "statistics" page. 

ImageImageTwo faces of a scumbag predator. That's Joseph "JiggyJoe" Turner, who somehow thought it would be a good idea to approach and solicit a 13 yr-old girl for sex online. Some of his other ideas were, purchasing thong underwear for the "girl" he was grooming, and also a digital video camera to record his proposed sexual assault encounter with the little girl. He also thought it might be a good idea to model the thong for the "girl" who was actually one of our adult decoy staffers!

Yes, he wore the pink thong on his head. And on his hips (exposing his minuscule "member" to what he thought was a 13 year-old) and took and sent pictures of all this! Oh, the lengths these predators will go to secure their sick agenda.

Turner found our decoy on a cellphone chat service , not in the typical internet. The site claims to make cameraphones "way more fun" and we suppose, Turner thought that meant he could get "Jiggy." 

Well, he's getting "Jiggy" all right, in Federal Prison after having been arrested when he tried to meet our decoy in person, and was caught with the camera, the thong, and the Wal-Mart receipt for their purchase. He attempted to deny his purpose for being at the meet place, until FBI investigators showed him the blow-ups of his thong pictures.  Oops.

We've released the entire chat he had with our decoy, click here for that, and there's a good write-up on an affiliate site, click here. Turner was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison, and with time served so far that makes him eligible for release in eight years or so. No parole, no probation, nothing like that. And also with a host of lifetime post release restrictions and seven years of close post-release supervision.

Jiggy Joe....They'll leave the light on for ya at the Federal hoosegow. You're a poster boy for who we are, what we do, and why we exist, and we'll be watching  for you in 2015.  You had better stay off our internet, because as you know.... If we catch you here again it means LIFE in prison.

Image Kishor Patel -- the arrogant, lying suckfish pictured at left -- is a foreign national, a Muslim, and yes folks, an internet child predator. And oh yeah, doing ten years in federal prison for setting up a meet with one of our decoy staffers who was posing online as a 14 year old girl.

Patel found and contacted our staffer in a Kentucky regional chat room, and began his risk assessment immediately. He was so cordial, proper and polite, at first we thought he might not be predatory. So we disappeared on him -- for over a month after first contact. We had bigger fish to fry, and when our staffer logged back into that decoy account a month later, Patel wasted no time contacting her again and this time he was ready to get serious!

His chats with what he thought to be a 14 year old girl are as bad as it gets -- complete with pictures emailed of his penis, and webcam sessions he transmitted of his masturbating at his job as night manager at Quiznos. This creep had pretended to be the owner of that store, and also the owner of a travel agency which turned out to be bogus. He'd used these lies as part of the grooming process, to impress our 14 year old decoy persona. That's alot of trouble to go to, even setting up a bogus website for his "travel agency."

It turns out, Patel did know alot about travel -- right to the location he'd selected for a meet with our decoy, and right into the arms of Kentucky FBI agents waiting there to nab him! Patel was "cuffed and stuffed," read his rights, then proceeded to tell investigators a fantastic story of why he was there: He'd come to tell the decoy girl he'd changed his mind about the meet!

Yes that's right, he'd loaded up the camera, condoms and "sexy nighties" he'd said in the chats he would bring,  drove all the way over to the local mall, went inside and walked up to the Chick Fil-A to meet the "girl" at the agreed time and place. Yeah, we believe it too, that he was there simply to tell her he'd changed his mind. ... NOT!

The FBI investigators didn't believe him either, neither did prosecutors, and Patel eventually pleaded guilty to charges and was sentenced to ten years behind federal bars. Patel's wife and child -- victims as well -- will see him out in about eight and a half years. But then, according to authorities, he'll be deported. Good riddance.

Patel is yet another example of what we do and why we exist, a Poster Boy for the Regulators and all others who fight these predatory scumbags. Read the chats and the complete investigation by clicking here, and keep in mind it's disturbing content. We'll feature new Poster Boys in this space from time to time, and they're all archived on our statistics page for your reading disgust.