About Us

The Regulators is an all volunteer organization established in 1999 and composed of current and former local, state, and federal law enforcement officers and concerned citizens. We started this website in 2006 to highlight the problem of internet child predators and as a public service.

Our mission is to make a difference in the area of internet child predators thru active interdiction. We primarily focus our attention on the fast-growing area of mobile internet chat sites, where predators have found they are relatively safe and secure, using their web-enabled cellphones as the criminal tools of choice. They think this keeps them safe from the law.

They flock to these sites, where kids chat and network by the millions, to seek out, groom, and meet these kids. They send pornographic pictures and nude pictures of themselves to these kids, and try to coerce them to reciprocate. They offer anything their twisted minds think a child might want -- booze, gifts, plying them with anything they think will work.

We plant adult decoys in these sites, our operatives posing as 12-15 year-old girls and boys, and wait for these predators to initiate contact. We then allow the chat to go wherever the predator takes it, and use the information he provides about himself to begin an investigation. Law enforcement officers monitor and consult with our operatives every step of the way. Our arrest and conviction rate is without peer in the predator hunting vocation.

Like this special brand of internet predator, we operate with relative anonymity and with little fanfare. We don't advertise our accomplishments, we don't hire agents to get ourselves paid to do TV shows. We don't care about recognition, or the media. We care about long prison terms for predators. We don't celebrate probation or any kind of "slap on the hand."

We "fly under the radar" and stay relatively unknown. We don't do press interviews and we don't take donations. We never contact our subjects, we don't call their jobs or families, we don't send flyers to their neighbors. We work with law enforcement and prosecutors to build the best possible cases against these predators which result in long prison terms. We go about our business quietly, and effectively.

If you are a citizen interested in joining us and helping fight this epidemic, or if you are a current or former law enforcement officer, please visit our forum and sign up, introduce yourself. We have need in all areas of our work for dedicated, stable, reliable volunteer people.

You may also use the Regulators Tipline, to contact the administrator with any questions you might have.

In 1999 a group of local neighborhood citizens banded together and used the internet and a cellphone texting database to gather information on a local arson vandal, working with police to catch him. It was the first of many internet-equipped neighborhood watch groups. In gathering information and coordinating with the local police department, this group developed procedures and techniques still in use today. It called itself the Regulators.
This work continued that same year, as the Regulators was officially formed and began catching internet child predators from the regional five-state area. Because the internet isn't local or regional, but worldwide, the sphere of influence and scope of the work began to grow exponentially.
We honed our skills and refined our techniques. We developed contacts with local, state and federal law enforcement authorities all over the country, some of which even officially joined our organization. We continued to work mostly mobile chat sites, interdicting predators. Dozens of arrests and convictions resulted over the years, and to date none of our subjects have escaped arrest, indictment and conviction. This includes the little arsonist punk who inspired us to start this.
In early 2006 we decided to start collecting our cases together and created this website to begin helping raise public awareness of the epidemic of internet child predators and child pornography purveyors, and to report on the subjects we help law enforcement catch, prosecute, and incarcerate..
Our method of operation and our  "under the radar" policy have remained constant since the beginning, as we have always and continue today to shun media involvement, awards, honors and even payment for what we do. We have stayed true to our original founding principles despite many offers to do print, television and other media, and offers of payment for advertisment and consulting.
We continue to be simply, a band of concerned citizens giving their time, effort, resources and energy to help police combat criminals in the vast, lawless frontier that is the internet.