Frequently Asked Questions
We have answers to most reader questions posted for the public on the site or in our forum, the links below covers these FAQs:
  1. How may I join? >click<
  2. Why do you do this? >click<
  3. Who are you people? >click<
  4. I want to report a  perv. >click<
  5. I think I know a registered sex offender in my area. How may I check? >click<
  6. Isn't this all just overhyped, isn't it a victimless crime? >click<
  7. Is it possible for me to just post an anonymous comment? >click<

These are the most frequent questions, it's all pretty simple and straightforward really. Anything not covered here, feel free to contact the administrator by clicking >here<

Thanks for the interest and thanks for the look around.