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The Regulators is an all volunteer organization established in 1999 and composed of current and former local, state, and federal law enforcement officers and concerned citizens. We started this website in 2006 to highlight the problem of internet child predators and as a public service.

Our mission is to make a difference in the area of internet child predators thru active interdiction. We primarily focus our attention on the fast-growing area of mobile internet chat sites, where predators have found they are relatively safe and secure, using their web-enabled cellphones as the criminal tools of choice. They think this keeps them safe from the law. We've proven time and again, it doesn't. The scum pictured below could testify to that, were they available for comment...
Regulators' Hall of Shame
Regulators Hall of Shame

These are just some of the predators you'll find are looking for your kids on the internet. Thankfully, these were caught and convicted. Thanks to the efforts and help of local, state and federal police all over the country, we are able to take this scum and others like them off the streets for long periods, and see heavy post-release sanctions such as lifetime registration, lifetime parole, and lifetime banishment from our internet.

To learn how you can help as well, send us a feedback message. There you'll be able to tell us a little about yourself and possibly begin to volunteer your time helping rid the internet of these child predators.

Because the internet is a lawless, ever-expanding frontier much like the old west; citizens are needed to help and CAN help stop the bad guys from doing their damage. Join us and find out how!
Regulators' Poster Boy

ImageThese pukes aren't hard to find, not hard at all. We typically do our hunting for these pervs where no one else has the patience and the perseverance to hunt -- in the wireless web. One exception pictured at left is Charles Barlow. Our staffer ran into him on MySpace, he contacted her decoy persona there and quickly took the conversation to Yahoo instant messenger, then began to try to groom her for nude photo shoots promising money, and of course, for sex. The decoy persona? Age 14. Just a 14 year old girl with a MySpace page with really very little on it -- nothing that would attract any adult male -- and here's Barlow doing everything he can to arrange a meet for sex and nude photos, of a 14 year old.

Barlow thought he had it covered -- he was careful not to contact our staffer unless he was at work, on an offshore oil platform in the Gulf. As if, not exactly being actually in the country on land was going to somehow insulate him from prosecution.  With his 2 week on, 2 week off schedule, it made for alot of time to see this case to conclusion. It was a year of chatting with this perp, during which time he avoided two meetings he'd set up with claims of illness hospitalization and a broken arm,  he would also attribute the disappearances from the web to his  "work" in other states like Montana and such. But we knew all  along the deal was, he had a wife and two kids at home in Mississippi.

Patience and perseverance paid off, and almost two years since initial contact, Barlow has been found guilty by a jury of his peers in a Federal court. This after he'd set up a meet in a state park -- and brought his kids -- to meet what he thought was a minor for overnight camping, sex and a nude photo shoot. The FBI met him there instead, and were more than happy to take this scumbag predator off the streets. 

Barlow's pretty silly, and tried every delay tactic known to man to somehow stave off the inevitable conviction. Barlow was the first Regulators case to actually take it all the way to trial, instead of taking the prosecutors generous ten year plea offer. After many delays and continuances, his case went to trial and in the two days the trial lasted, our staffer was there and testified. The Jury was out only forty minutes, and came back with the verdict -- guilty on all counts. He's looking at possibly 30 years now, instead of the ten the prosecutor offered. Nice job perv.

Barlow filed an immediate appeal which was denied, he's awaiting sentencing in June 2008. In a quite ironic twist, he even went so far as to file a federal lawsuit against the county jail which was holding him, claiming his rights were violated. He never seemed to worry much about violating minor girls, however -- or their rights. Like all child predators -- sociopaths -- he only cares about himself, his own rights and totally disregards the rights of others including his wife and two kids, who now are deprived of his company, his income, everything else..

We're glad to see this predator get this conviction he richly deserved, and we'll update you here when he is sentenced. Barlow is a Poster Boy predator, not really all that uncommon and certainly not all that special. But he wasn't a "instant gratification" kind of perp who starts the chat and gets arrested the same month. It took alot of time, work and patience to get him in the noose. Which made him perfect for us, because those really difficult perps are our stock in trade.

We'll feature new Poster Boys in this space from time to time, and they're all archived on our statistics page for your reading disgust.